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Cover Image of Come to the Table - Acts 1, 2 ,3 (Musical Score & Playbook)

Come to the Table - Acts 1, 2, 3 (Musical Score & Playbook)


Come to the Table is an intergenerational musical and can be performed by non-professional actors, ages: high school to older adults.

Ken Medema Music has released a musical, in three acts called, Come to the Table. This show is a contemporary look at Jesus and his invitation to the table.

Act 1, is The Surprise Party. This act is based on the Biblical parable of the householder's great feast as told in Luke. The head of the house invites people to a feast only to find out every invited guest has an excuse for not attending. The host sends his servants to the highways and invites various street people to attend the party.

Act 2 is Bittersweet Communion. This act takes place around a table that we later find out is a communion table. The folks sitting around the table openly talk about the emotions and the day to day thoughts that are focused there. They evaluate, in a very practical way, how their lives can and are affected by others.

Act 3 is Pick up Your Table and Walk. This act begins at a church board meeting where church members are discussing how to move from complacency to action. The pastor announces he has just told the city, "The church is here for anyone who needs us." Now, the communion table that became a boardroom table becomes the folding table to be brought to the streets.
This three act musical has a medium/easy range of difficulty. It needs about 12 actors and a chorus of any size. The music itself is easy-sing-able. Staging is not elaborate and uses every day props easily found around peoples' homes and the church.
Running time is an hour and thirty minutes.

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